Who We Are

The cannabis industry in Sacramento has an amazing story to tell – one of economic growth, job creation, and increased safety and security in our neighborhoods; it’s a story of community uplift and financial contribution to our city and to our fellow citizens.

You have helped shape our story – now help us tell our story.

The Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association (SCIA) believes that those of us in the cannabis industry in Sacramento share many of the same values and ideals: from cultivators and manufacturers, to distributors and laboratories; from delivery services and storefronts, to marketers, consultants, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, and countless other professionals that support our work – we are an industry rich in talent and history.

The SCIA provides a united voice for small businesses; advances and protects local jobs and the economy that is provided by the cannabis industry; educates the public on the benefits of the cannabis industry in their communities; and encourages inclusiveness with businesses small and large that share in protecting and growing jobs in the Sacramento region. We are a voice for change, progress, and innovation.

Join us in making a difference today- this is our moment.

In the capitol city of Sacramento, we have a unique opportunity to educate key decision makers, elected officials, and regulators and communicate the benefits of our industry to a statewide audience. As a supporter of the SCIA your business will be represented and your voice will be heard. The SCIA will collaborate to secure the longevity of the cannabis industry and unify businesses and leaders under the SCIA coalition.

You can join the growing list of public supporters by filling out our form online. Please click here.