Who Are The Members of the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association?

The Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association stands for a small but growing community in Sacramento. We all come together under the common thread of cannabis advocacy. We bring a united voice to an industry that has a lot to say.

The cannabis industry as a whole has provided economic growth, job creation, and increased safety and security in our neighborhoods. We’ve seen first-hand how the industry has made a positive impact on Sacramento and we want to keep it going!

But who are we, really? What do we stand for?

What are we all about?

Here are only some of the people that make up the mixing pot of community members that is the SCIA.

sacramento cannabis industry association event - SCIA

1. Business owners of the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association

Businesses in the cannabis industry can all agree that there is a lack of support and protection in Sacramento, due to the stigma that cannabis still, unfortunately, sees.

That’s why members of the SCIA who are business owners benefit from a united voice. We advocate for the rights and privileges of their business alongside many other Sacramento businesses.

Giving these cannabis business owners a platform to collaborate on cannabis normalization efforts will fundamentally alter the perception of cannabis businesses in Sacramento.

sacramento cannabis industry association event - SCIA

2. Community leaders of SCIA

Leaders are setting an example throughout Sacramento by joining SCIA to further efforts in cannabis normalization.

By becoming members, these community leaders are able to expand their platform and reach a much greater audience.

They get to network with other like-minded leaders and collaborate on projects that will ultimately change the way Sacramento sees cannabis both as a recreational instrument and as a medicinal tool.

When we see community leaders get together to create a better future for the Sacramento cannabis community, we know that our efforts are worth it.

sacramento cannabis industry association event - SCIA

3. Advocates of SCIA

SCIA represents a voice for change, progress, and innovation. That’s why cannabis advocates from all walks of life are drawn to our organization.

Providing a space for advocates to come together and put their ideas into action is what this organization is all about.

It’s inspiring to be a part of such an innovative association that reconfigures the way we see society and suddenly makes nearly impossible ideas seem attainable.

We’re changing the way Sacramento experiences, perceives, and understands cannabis and we’re creating a brighter future for the industry. We have the right connections and relationships to forge a cannabis industry in Sacramento that’s better for everyone. This is our moment to make a difference.

Want to get involved? Fill out this quick form and join us because we’re expanding minds, changing Sacramento, and affecting history every day. We want you to be a part of that.

Want to learn more about our team that leads the association? Get to know us here!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for future updates from your favorite industry!