Recap of the SCIA October Networking Mixer

What happens when you bring together advocates, innovators, and movers-and-shakers of an entire city? You invoke change on a grand scale.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to do by bringing together some of the brightest minds in Sacramento for our October networking mixer .

With help from the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, and the California Black Chamber of Commerce, we were able to share stories and connect under a united voice about what the cannabis industry is now, and where it’s headed.

We had inspirational guest speakers that ranged from industry professionals, doctors and individuals in the health and wellness fields, and cannabis advocate leaders.

Our Executive Director, Robert Baca, shared some inspiring words with us, “We became effective when it was about community outreach. When it was about education. When it was about information-sharing,” Baca shared, about his intentions for the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association, “People have so many misconceptions about the cannabis industry, who we are, about where we’re going. And communicating our story – telling the story of the regulated, legal cannabis industry – became so important. Because without that united voice, without that essential message, there are so many stigmas still to overcome. And that’s what we’re here doing.”

By bringing together community leaders from all different industries who were showing support at our October networking mixer , we were sending a clear message.

That the cannabis industry has the power to do good, and to create a positive impact on our community, just like any other industry.

We have the opportunity to inspire economic growth, job creation, and increased safety in our neighborhoods.

“We’re working community by community, block by block, resident by resident,” Baca explained, about the SCIA approach to making cannabis information and education accessible to all, “Telling the story of the legal cannabis industry in Sacramento and our surrounding counties in the region.”

Thank you to all who attended the event, and a special thank you to anyone who shared their story and spoke out for cannabis advocacy.

The Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association is here to make a difference.

In the cannabis industry, in our community, and in Sacramento.

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