Meet the Core Team of the SCIA

When you’re joining the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association, you’re instantly connected to a coalition of members that support you on issues that help you, your business, and the community prosper.

But who are the people that are bringing us all together?

Meet the team that makes the SCIA possible!

Robert Baca, our Executive Director

Robert Baca had a vision for the future of the cannabis industry in Sacramento that involved giving back, standing up for advocacy, and becoming a thriving and legitimate industry. His vision is what sparked the Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association, and all that it has accomplished. 

Originally a corporate attorney licensed in New York, Robert has taken his passion for law and justice to the cannabis industry by providing invaluable insight on cannabis-related policies and regulations for business owners. He is also a known champion of equity, inclusion, and diversity within the industry.

Dana Caylor, our Director of Experiential Training & Education

Sacramento cannabis industry association

“Follow your heart – it will always lead you in the right direction.” These are the motivating words that Dana Caylor shares, and lives by, in her role as a professional inspirer. She takes her corporate organizational expertise, leadership skills, and passion for excellence to impact to the cannabis industry every day.

As a former Business Manager and Executive Trainer for AAA, Dana Caylor cultivated her passion for membership-growth and nurtured her drive for stellar customer experiences in a retail environment. That’s why she founded and launched the SCIA Training Program for new and young leaders within the cannabis industry. She developed the coursework content and now conducts training workshops to help set the standard for new cannabis industry employees and trainees.

Eric Luchini, our Director of Experiential Training & Communication

Sacramento cannabis industry association

With a multi-decade communications career under his belt, Eric Lunchini was able to blend his passion for communications and cannabis by launching a mainstream cannabis initiative while he was at the Sac Bee in 2011. Today, he makes an immense impact with us by inspiring young leaders in the cannabis industry with his animated and captivating energy.

His role with the SCIA includes helping promote model customer engagement and helping trainees develop effective communication skills via specialized simulation training. His positive energy radiates from him everywhere he goes, inspiring trainees and colleagues alike.

Lana Osokina, our Project Manager

Sacramento cannabis industry association

Lana Osokina’s passion for local social issues including homelessness, the disproportionality of non-violent drug incarcerations, and gender inequality is only part of what makes her such a great Project Manager. Currently working toward her JD at the McGeorge School of Law, she is able to blend her curiosity and passion for innovation of the legal cannabis market. She explores the effects of local regulation to greater challenges arising from the lingering stigma associated with cannabis.

Through her legal education, she hopes to develop skills that will help shape the future of the cannabis industry including creating jobs, providing educational resources, and making an impact when it comes to social stigma, discrimination, and economic disparity.

Conor Zanze, our Program Coordinator

Sacramento cannabis industry association

Conor Zanze discovered his passion for cannabis in college, but not in the same way that most of the rest of us did. During his undergraduate studies at La Sierra University, Conor Zanze played for the La Sierra University Golden Eagles baseball team, earning CalPac Scholar-Athlete Honors and Dean’s List Honors each season. It wasn’t until he was serving as Captain during his Junior Season when his athletic career came to a halting stop after a serious shoulder injury. This was when Conor discovered the holistic healing properties of CBD, and how it didn’t carry the same negative side effects that other drugs would come with.

Conor was able to refocus his competitive spirit and athletic drive toward his career with cannabis advocacy. Today, Conor studies Capital Lawyering at the McGeorge School of Law while also serving as the SCIA’s amazing Program Coordinator. Through his first-hand experiences seeing how cannabis can change lives and his formal education, he has cultivated a passion and drive when it comes to helping guide the Sacramento Cannabis Industry into the future.

Jessica Richardson, our Membership Coordinator

As a single mother of two, a cancer survivor, and an avid cannabis advocate, Jessica Richardson makes for an impactful and memorable Membership Coordinator. She joined us at the SCIA with an intention to build, nurture, and enhance charitable and business relationships, ultimately connecting and collaborating with community influencers and altruistic companies to build a better cannabis industry for Sacramento.

Before she came to the SCIA, Jessica was the co-founder of a women-founded cannabis vendor and sales distribution company. She was able to take her expertise and experience with small, start-up and corporate organizations to launch effective membership campaigns for the SCIA.